The Fat Foodie Tour – London

So since I started my Instagram page, I’ve always thought and wondered where it’d take me and what I’d do with it. A lot of people dream big but nothing ever comes of it. So to only have started six months ago and to be going on a fat foodie tour of London was pretty incredible! I’d arranged to go and visit the likes of Dip & Flip, Nanny Bill’s and Salt Shed, BurgerFi and Sub Cult. Five places in one day you say! Yep and I thought it would be easy.

So friday morning we set off bright and early, heading straight to Brixton to Dip & Flip’s latest digs. Opening it’s doors about 8 months ago, its been a fond favourite as its the first in the chain where you can book a table for big groups, parties or to find out if she’s the one, date night! A five minute walk from Brixton station, we arrived to meet Michelle who is part of the Dip & Flip family, she sat us down and filled us in on a bit of background info. Such as the first store was Batttersea which opened in 2013. Started by long time friends, Tim and Gearoid and backed by friends and family. It’s been a massive success throughout South London and it shows with them having four places. Battersea, Wimbledon, Tooting and now Brixton. These guys use up to nine hundred litres of gravy a week…….Yes you heard me correct! Nine hundred bloody litres and it takes them sixteen hours to brew the stuff!

So food! After following them for quite a while now and being my first time there, I had to go for the Legendary Dip & Flip Burger. Which consisted of a beef patty, cheese, mustard and ketchup, cabbage slaw and then topped with either roast beef or roast lamb drenched in their beaut gravy. I went for the beef as had to be beef on beef in my eyes. And just incase you didnt think that was enough, it comes with a dish of gravy to dip your burger in! absolute winner it is! The Burger was so succulent and juicy with the richness of the roast beef and gravy just sliding through. Alway’s remember The Burger List saying “It’s like a cheese burger and a roast diner in one” and I couldn’t agree more!

I mean what a beautiful looking thang she really is!

Next up was this amazing creation called a Patty Melt! I can’t believe I haven’t come across these sooner! I mean why haven’t I ever thought about putting a patty in a grilled sandwich, absolute genius! The Patty Melt consisted of beef patty, sauteed onions and I had to add a gooey egg. All toasted inbetween Fresh Brown Bread and of course it came with a dish of Gravy. That’s the great thing about Dip & Flip, you can add what ever you want, to what ever you want, to create something thats never been seen before.

For a side we went for the green chilli cheese fries with bacon and gravy. They were so good and the green chillies as always packing an absolute punch and a half!

Now to wash it all down, we were introduced to “The Pickleback”! Which basically involves you necking a shot of bourbon, necking a shot of pickle juice (they had a selection of three) and finishing it off with eating a pickle. Now it sounds weird probably because it is but after the first one, it was really quite nice. Half bought the idea back with me for party’s I’ll be heading to.

Here’s me giving it a bash!

After all that we then headed over to see the absolute legend that is Ben down at Sub Cult! Ben, Gaz and the team pride themselves on serving award winning subs. First starting out on the street food scene, wining numerous awards. To finding a temporary home in a shipping container in Broadgate, along with a few other traders. You can still catch them down at Brockley and Maltby St markets over the weekends and you definitely should! Trust me.

So the subs! These subs are next level, the menu is pretty incredible with different specials on every week. They’ve even got London’s evening standard calling them “London’s best subs!” so you know these guys aren’t messing around. We went for…..
*Salt Beef Chief – Salt Beef, Pama House Pickles, Swiss Cheese, Frenchs Mustard, Fresh Parsley and……….
*The Special – Slow Roast Chicken, Avocado Sour Cream, Sun Blushed Tomatoes, Pea Shoots & Sriracha
Both were exceedingly good and packed full of flavour. Bursting out the seams with glorious meat. Ben even treated me to a banoffee doughnut to finish it all off. He knew the way to my heart!

Now we did have BurgerFi and Salt Shed lined up but due to unforeseen circumstances we couldn’t make it to them. Massively gutted about it but definitely heading back down soon to check them out!

So after having to miss them, we headed to are last stop of the tour which was Nanny Bill’s in Dalston. Been meaning to come check these guys out for a long time but my god it was well worth the wait. Taking residence at Birthdays, Nanny Bills burgers are pretty dam special! Nanny Bill’s first started up in 2015, selling croquettes out of their 1970’s Citroen HY truck, to now expanding the menu to some seriously good burgers!

Being our first time down we had to got for a selection, including my man Jakes Food Bibles collaboration special “The Smokey BAEcon”. Now when I first saw what was in this burger, I wanted to hate it! PINEAPPLE in a burger! In my head I was thinking of how bad and sacrilege it is on a pizza but after trying it, my life has officially been changed! It takes the sweet and the savoury to the extreme and it bloody works. It had in it a double beef patty, special smoked bacon, American cheese, smoked cheddar, bacon jam, grilled pineapple, sriracha mayo & garlic aioli. All on a seeded brioche bun and came with an added mac & cheese croquettes on top for good measure.

So next up, being in Dalston we had to go for The Dalston Dip – double beef patty glazed with mustard, American cheese, caramelised onions, Nanny Bill’s burger sauce in a Seeded Brioche Bun. Comes with a pot of Nanny Bills Gravy to pour all over it for the money shot. Plus another mac & cheese croquettes.

Final burger of the day, had to be a bit of fried chicken and this filled that gap perfectly! They smashed it with this one as well! Just look at that beaut sauce oozing out! Was so good with the crispy coating and yet still was succulent and juicy inside. This was the The Hot Mess – Free Range Buttermilk Fried Chicken Breast, Cheese Sauce, Hot Sauce, Lettuce and Gherkin Relish. All in a Seeded Brioche Bun and this one come with a jug of cheese sauce for another money shot haha!

Sides were ridiculously good as well! So as well as pretty much having a portion of mac n cheese croquettes on our burgers, we had to go for the pea, mint and feta ones which were pretty incredible and can see why they were a fond favourite.

Also had the halloumi nuggets with the chilli tomato jam which were bang on.

and to proper finish us off so sweet potato fries!

All in all the tour was nighty nine percent a success and I loved every minute of it! Want to thank everyone who was involved and can’t wait for round two! London, it was a pleasure and I love you! What a city

So until next time peeps

Go check out my instagram for more picture’s and reviews

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