Jinseon Korean BBQ Restaurant & Bar – Coventry

So as many of you know Coventry has been a pretty dull and bleak place for many years, not really having it’s place in-between Birmingham, Solihull and Warwick. Though slowly but surely there have been slight improvements that have seen certain parts of the city come to life and Jinseon in Priory Place is one of them. To be fair, from what i can see, the whole of Priory Place has had a bit of a spruce up. With a range of new Restaurants including SHINY which is a Japanese restaurant, PGR which is a Pizza & Grill restaurant and now Jinseon with their traditional style Korean bbq.

Jinseon is the newest edition to Priory Place being open for only five to six months now. It sets itself apart not only in Coventry but in the surrounding ares, as i think the nearest place like it is Birmingham. Jinseon uses the traditional method of coal bbq’s unlike most these days using electric or gas grills. Using the coal really gives it that bbq feel and makes the meat taste so much better.

We headed down on a Thursday evening to a warm welcome, meeting Harry the floor manager and our waitress Miko. Harry was very informative, telling us all about the place and the food, you could see he proper worked his butt off keeping everybody happy. Miko was our chef for the evening as if you don’t feel like cooking the meat yourself, (which i did half way through) you get assigned someone to do it for you. I thought that was pretty incredible as they all have a few tables to mind and not once did i feel like we’d been left. Both were amazing all through the evening.

THE FOOD. So as well as a extensive menu with all kinds of Korean dishes, they do three set bbq menus. Intro to Korean bbq (£42), Meat only please (£54) and For sea lovers (£56). All set for two people to share. Being us we chose the Meat only menu, which was consisted of Beef & Tofu Soup and Korean Fried Chicken to start. Then Ribeye Steak, Pork shoulder and Chicken Satay Skewers for main on the BBQ. All can with a selection of pickled veg, few different sauces, rice and lettuce leaves to wrap it all in.

Now the Kimchi-Tang (spicy korean tofu soup) with Beef was such a good vibrant soup, packed full of flavour and a perfect way to start the feast.

The Dak Gang Jeong (Firework Spice Korean Fried Chicken) was the absolute dogs bollocks! Was so so good with a nice fiery punch, i could have happily eaten this all night long it was that beaut!

Now after our starters were cleared a chef from the kitchen came over, removed the disk in the middle of the table and placed the sizzling pot of coals ready for the bbq. Miko straight away came over and asked if we’d like her to started cooking for us which, of course we did being fat gits.

Ribeye steak was snap, crackle and popping on the grill with that banging bbq smell. Was such a lovely cut of meat as well which i wasn’t expecting so pleasantly surprised. There was a sweetcorn and cheese mix and scramble egg mix which were cooking away around the side of the grill to add to the dishes or lettuce wraps. The chicken and the pork shoulder were both really nice as well.

At first i did think it was a little expensive for what was on the set menu but after receiving it all and and seeing how much you get, plus the service you receive at your table i couldn’t believe how good value for money it was.

Definitely recommend this place, great place to also party in their separate thirty person dining room. Equipped with plenty of bbq tables, games console, a karaoke machine and private smoking terrace. For me there’s no other feasting experience like it.

So until next time peeps


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