The Smoke Haus – Birmingham

After seeing so much good looking stuff coming from this place and recently having a menu change I thought it’s about time I headed down to The Smoke Haus in Brindley Place, (Birmingham) to see what the crack is. Was so pumped to get my hands on some proper good smoked meats as there is nothing really like it in Birmingham. Unless you’re going to Rubs Smoke house which everyone’s knows it’s more quantity over quality. Or you’re heading over to digbeth dining club to get some of Low ‘n’ Slows amazing dishes and incredibly cooked meats!

Upon arrival i walked up in to the restaurant and the decor is really good, picture’s of famouses with graffiti all over them. A motorcycle in one part, Did look real edgy. Staff were really helpful, big smile’s, nice and talkative so felt very welcomed. Was seated right by the window as asked for, because being a foodie, lighting is everything for the perfect picture.

Looking at the menu, apart from being massive! I did notice everything seemed a little over priced, over £20 for a three meat platter. Just thought it was because the quality of the meat must be outstanding

So I ordered The Classic Burger and of course I had to double up. Then I proceeded to build my own adding everything bar homemade chilli and fried onions. So added Slow cooked Brisket, Pulled Pork, Pastrami, Smoked Bacon, Swiss Cheese, Jalapeños (£13.95 Double Classic, with added extra’s £22.20)

Man date brumfoodie went for the Threesome BBQ Pit Plate, getting half a rack of baby back ribs, quarter of a chicken and Pork Belly. (£20.95)

We were the only people in there at the time and I have to say it did take a while for food to come out but when it did it all looked amazing as you can see it was a monster of a burger and brumfoodies was some plate of meat!

But that’s about where the amazing finished. First, they forgot my bacon but didn’t mention anything as already waited long enough. Second, you could tell that the chef loved making our dishes and a lot of ‘Hell Yeh’ had gone in to the making of my beast. Just didnt feel any love in the meat itself, was just basic commercial meat which was a massive shame because it had right potential. All the meat was rather flavourless and the brisket, at some point was probably cooked amazingly but it had been left to dry out and and was drier then the Sahara Dessert (Being why i called it Meathara Desert on my instagram). You know when meats that dry you roll it around in your mouth trying to chew and swallow it. It was like that. I have to say with all the meats in one mouthful it didn’t seem to bad but still, just expected more. Best thing about it was the burgers as they were still pretty juicy.

Brumfoodies was kind of the same. Pork Belly was just standard, nothing special which we were expecting it to be. The crackling on top was chewy and bendy, not the snap and crunch you’re meant to get. His quarter of a chicken could have knocked someone out it was that hard. Working in a kitchen it reminded me of the frozen ones you use to get in big blue bags of 10 and you’d just sling them on the grill or fryer after defrosting it. Wasn’t good.

Sides we went for the Spicey Buffalo Chicken Tenders which were a whopping £7.45 which after they came out were massively over priced in my eyes.

Over all if I’d have been paying full price I’d have definitely complained as that’s not smoke house quality in any shape of the imagination. Massively overpriced for what we got. I personally won’t be going back and wouldn’t recommend it. Shame really as I was really looking forward to it.

Until next time peeps


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