HOUSE – Leamington Spa

So as I’m sat here now writing this, I’m still kicking myself thinking why didn’t i find this place sooner! The amount of nights wasted in Turtle Bay then heading either Bedford Street or Fizzy Moon thinking that they were the only decent places to go. When all along (well since November last year) House was just over the road! To be honest it’s always been one of them buildings that I’ve noticed but not actually taken any interest in. How stupid of me! Consisting of three bars, severn differently styled rooms, a restaurant and a loft garden, it really is like nothing else in Leamington Spa.

Duo, Chef Andy Taylor and General Manager Alex Fleet took over the place and spent nothing shy of a few quid doing the whole place up. From front to back, top to bottom, the decor really is outstanding. Every room is individually styled to mimic a different part of a, some would say funky looking house.

Every single room really was something else but my favourite bit, apart from the beer barrel toilets, was the sky garden. With plenty of seating, its own bar and half a distressed looking roof it really is something of a talking point. Almost looks like a big gust of wind took half of it off. Can see it being a big hit in the summer

As well as having a large selection of larger’s, ciders and spirits. They do a selection of cocktails so had to try the house special, Dog, Monkey, Cock-tail. It had in it, Bourbon, Lemon, Cranberry, Cinnamon and snow what ever snow is haha! Was a very required taste. Very sharp and sour but was still nice.

So what i was really here for…….THE FOOD! Andy Taylor the Head Chef came from 2 AA Rosette restaurant, The Bluebell in Henley-in-Arden so i was expecting good things. Before i arrived i did wonder how fine dinning meets chilled laid back bar would work but it was a very relaxed environment and it did work nicely. Not many places you can go in smart casual clothing and get such exceptional food. They do have bar snacks and your normal bar food like burger’s, pizza etc so you don’t have to have a proper sit down meal.

So starters, i went for the Pan Roasted Wood Pigeon, Baby Spinach, Fine Beans, Caramelised Pear and Pecan Nuts. Pigeon was lovely and tender, cooked beautifully. With the sweetness of of the pear and the subtle nutty taste of the pecans really bought the dish together.

Other half went for the Crispy Pork with Sesame, Mango and Watercress Salad. Pork was pretty darn good, had that oriental flavour to it. With the mango as well, really was delightful.

Mains i went for the Atlantic Cod, Chive Potato Cake, Pea Veloute, Rarebit. As you can see it was a pleasure to look at and it was a pleasure to eat. Was some lump of fish. I didn’t think that the rarebit would compliment the cod but it was pretty bangin to be honest.

Other half had the Cotswold White Chicken Supreme, Mushroom Duxelle, Parsnip Puree, Smoked Almonds, Potato Gallate. Looked like it could have been handed in as a piece of art in a gallery! If i hadn’t have gone for the cod i would have probably gone for this because it tasted beaut! Wish i’d have had the full dish so i could have given more of comment on it but she wasn’t up for sharing.

Side’s we went for the three for £10 so chose Duck Parcels, House Scotch Egg – Piccalilli and Chilli Crumbled Squid. Duck Parcels were jam-packed with duck which makes a change from most places I’ve had them. Scotch Egg was delightful and love it how the yolk is still that slight bit runny. Wasn’t the best chilli squid I’ve ever had but with the aioli it wasn’t too bad.

Dessert we for the Chocolate Brownie and Salted Caramel Ice Cream. Brownie wasn’t anything to shout about. Best bit was the ice cream.

Overall the venue is incredible, right up my street it is. The food was so so good. I enjoyed the place that much i got straight on the phone to my pals to spread the word! Even think a few went down just after i’d left. Definitely be heading back here for sure!

Until next time peeps


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