Tamatanga Grand Opening – Birmingham

So from the success of their Nottingham branch, Tamatanga had their grand opening in Birmingham on Monday and I was lucky enough to go down and check it out. From my own visit and the sound of everybody else’s, it went down a storm! Everyone I spoke to said how good their experience was and mine was nothing but brilliant too.

Their new place is based in a large section of the ground floor at The Orion Building on Navigation Street, in between Sainsbury’s local and In-Toto Kitchens. The inside personally reminds me of a cross between Turtle Bay and Las Iguanas and that’s not a bad thing as I really enjoy both places. It had a lovely relaxed atmosphere with their filament lighting and abstract partitions, really is a nice setting for an evening of food and drinks.

Arriving we were asked if we would like to be seated or go to the bar and have a drink before dinner. The bar staff were entertaining, making the fancy cocktails which after ordering two I can tell you they were delicious! We went for the Berry Bombay which consisted of vodka and pink lemonade with raspberries, blackberries and mint. Proper nice and tasty, just like a berry juice. Could have drank them all night.

I also got a Corrito which had rum, coriander, lime, sugar, chaat masala, tabasco, topped with coke and as you can see a massive red chilli sticking out of it! It was definitely packing a bit of heat.

Now food! When we were seated, we were asked if we would like popadoms and chutneys to be going on with and come on, who doesn’t when you go to an indian restaurant! I can tell you now, i’d happily go back just to get the amazing chutney’s one which was (Granny Smith) apple and mint based. Tasted like no other chutney i’d tasted before. I did asked the manager for the recipe but he wasn’t giving anything away, said it was some kind of secret or something.

After that we kind of went all in ordering THE TAMA FEAST – two first class lamb chops, one tandoori chicken breast, one piece of tamatanga salmon & one tandoori king prawn. Finished with two garlic and coriander naan’s, salad and sauce’s including a pot of Dahl! The lamb chops and chicken were to die for, the salmon and the prawn not so much but were still good.

Ordered the Bang Bang chicken and Tamatanga fish finger’s both good side dishes or starter’s.

The Railway Cabin Lamb – a traditional recipe served in the first class railway cabins of India. The lamb is cooked on a slow fire with garlic, whole red chillies and curry leaves, resulting in a spicy, lamb curry.

This dish is perfect for people who like a little heat! The lamb was perfectly cooked, to the point that it literally fell apart in your mouth. Not a single fatty bit in sight!

Even had space for a cheeky pistachio kulfi for dessert which was different but still really good.

All round the food and restaurant was spot on, the staff were really nice and very helpful and I can’t wait to go back and try more off the menu.

Until next time peeps


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