Burger Shop – Worcester

Toady we headed over to Burger Shop, situated within a train bridge arch down on Cherry Tree Walk in Worcester. With its stripped back decor and great outdoor seating area, they’ve tried to keep it like the food. No gimmicks, just straight up great british grub! Open for about six month’s now, its one of three spots run by A Rule of Tum. The other’s being another Burger Shop and The Book Shop Steak, both based in Hereford.

Owner’s Dorian, Ed, Jon and Rupert, these four are the main guys flying the flag for locally sourced, honest food. Rupert being the man looking after the Worcester digs, just from talking to him you can tell how passionate he is about what he does. Being a chef for about fourteen – fifteen years, working all around the world such as France, Australia and back here in the UK. He really knew what he was talking about and what he wanted from the business. With another two arches owned by them next to Burger Shop, he’s set one up as an events space and in the near future to open the other as a British Steak Restaurant.

When it comes to locally sourced ingredients, i was talking to Rupert about a few different things such as the cheese’s etc but mainly about where all the meat comes from. He was telling me that they use a very sort after Farmer named Tom Jones…Yep, thats his actual name. He has a smallholding over in hereford with a few different live stock. And trust me, if the patty’s and the bacon are anything to go by, its pretty dam delicious meat! He supplies a few high end restaurants and followed Rupert to Burger Shop when he moved from one of them.

Now burger time! With most decent burger place’s these days the menu isn’t massive but as i’ve said before it doesn’t need to be. So being there was two of us we went for one off the special’s menu, one off the normal menu and split them to get the full impact of both. And I’m so glad i did! Getting to taste all the different flavours with every mouthful! Can really taste the good british ingredients working so well together.

So first was this beaut off the specials menu. The Hereford Hop Burger which consisted of – Farmer Tom Hereford Beef Patty, Braised Beef Shin, Hereford Hop Cheese, Pickled Onion Rings, Baby Gem, Dill Pickles, Smoked Mustard Mayo, Stokes Organic Ketchup, Brioche Bun

The thing was all kinds of incredible! I’d like to be able to say just this and this worked so well together but literally, everything in the burger work so good together! Beef patty, Beef shin, Hop Cheese, Onion Rings, i mean come on! it even sounds amazing.

Second up was this beast, Double Farmer Tom’s Beef Burger – 2 x Hereford Beef Patty, Mature Cheddar, Dill Pickles, Smoked Mustard Mayo, Stokes Organic Ketchup, Baby Gem, Brioche Bun and we added Bacon

Now this was equally as good, completely different in tastes and I’m so glad we added the bacon because my word it was good! You could really tell it’d been properly smoked and not no supermarket crap.

Sides we went for

Polenta Fries –
*Polenta, Vege Stock, Old Winchester Cheese & Sage with Old Winchester & Garlic Mayo


*Sticky BBQ Wings with Fresh Chillis

Both which were so mouth wateringly tasty and bursting with flavour! The wings! Never have i ever picked up a wing and the meat fall straight off the bone. Until today! Everything was on point and i’ll definitely be heading back!

Now people keep asking me to compare it with Hanbao which is another favourite of mine in Worcester and personally, you can’t compare them. They’re both in a league of their own. Burger Shop you’ve got your great british, locally sourced burger’s, no fuss straight to the point burger’s.
Hanbao you’ve got your out of this world, monster burger’s , your mahoosive, smash mouth burger’s!

So yes, as alway’s folks. Untill next time……


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