Plukd – Leicester

Their moto is “The best Plukin’ wings in town” and I’d have to agree with them 100%! Never have I tried a fresher, more tastier wing in all my life. That fresh they’d have been clucking half hour earlier haha! Have been pretty pumped to come and visit this place since I found them on instagram and today was that day!

Situated on Narborough Road in Leicester, tucked away down a small walkway you’ll find one of the best, If not the only chicken wing shop in the whole of the East Midlands! Once a old take away joint that was on its last legs, to now looking completely transformed. Using reclaimed wood and corrugated metal sheets from top to bottom, really makes this place quirky and different from anything else.

Mainly a take away place at the moment as most of it is uncovered, there are plans to put a roof over it ready for the winter. On a nice day there is space for you to chill and scran your pukka wings. Has only been open for about 5-6 weeks now and from what I’ve heard and seen its been booming since the doors opened.

Manager Justin aka THE WING KING started working in the catering industry 7-8 years ago, from a catering course at collage to now owning one of the only chicken wing shop never mind in Leicestershire but add the West Midlands to that as well. Justin and chef Tam pride themselves on using the freshest wings and the best ingredient’s to really make them like no other chicken wing shop. You can really tell how passionate Justin is about the place and it really shows in the quality of their food. He knows a ‘wing’ or two about wings!
Now……..The Food
Starting off we tried two of their sides, their take on Mac n Cheese. Return of the Mac and their house slaw.

*Return of the Mac was like normal Mac n Cheese but with the Plukd twist using Monterey Jack Cheese and Topping it with Plukd seasoning.
*House Slaw instead of using normal mayo they’re using their own “Plukd Dirtee Mayo” which makes it like no other slaw.
So when it comes the wings the menu of sauces isn’t that big but it really doesn’t need to be! The coatings on offer are packed full of flavour and even just the twice fried naked ones are pretty incredible.
*Naked – Twice fried in a unique blend of herbs and spices making them Plukin’ amazing on their own

*Buffalo Soldier – For me they had the incredible taste of Franks hot sauce but without the naff heat and 10 times tastier!

*Oh Carolina – Being a massive fan of Carolina mustard BBQ sauce these were right up my street. Sauce was that good I’d bottle it up and cover everything I eat in it!

*Texas Ranger – Covered in a Texas style BBQ sauce. Had a nice smokey flavour

*Gangnam Style – Now these hands down had to be my favourite! Covered in a Korean style BBQ sauce. You could really taste the honey and soy in the sauce. Taste that good make you wonna slap yo momma haha!

Now last but not least The WING STING! Now these Plukin’ things aren’t for the faint hearted I’m telling you now! The challenge is 10 in 7 minutes……………I managed 1 and well, that was me done haha!

All round amazing little place, absolute gem for chicken wings! Wish these fellas all the best in the future and I’ll definitely be back for some Plukin’ good wings soon.

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Until next time peeps

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