Original Patty Men – Birmingham

Original Patty Men was started by Scott O’Bryne and Tom Maher a few years back now. They came bursting on to the street food scene with their amazing creations and incredibly tasty burgers.

They’ve since managed to set up shop under one of Birmingham’s amazing train bridge arches, tucked away down Shaw’s Passage near Moor St station. They have a restaurant and kitchen under one arch and a lovely outdoor seating area under another.

The inside of the restaurant is real quirky with it’s holy cow artwork and cracking interior, It really makes it different from any other place I’ve been.

From what I know, It’s been pretty much packed everyday from the get go and not surprising really as it’s one of the best burger shops in town.

With OPM, their normal burgers are pretty incredible but for me it’s all about their specials! Doing special edition burgers and fries just adds even more to their greatness and already awesome menu.
On the day we visited it was a blazing hot day and perfect to sit outside, which was a bonus really as inside was full.

I went for the ¡Bayo Loco! which as you can see was ooozing with goodness! In it had a Beef Patty with Chipotle BBQ Mayo, Griddled Jalapeños, Red Cheddar, Lettuce & Onion! Such a cracking burger!

I also went for the O.D.B. fries from their normal menu, which as you can see were also banging!

They did have another special burger on offer which if you check out the brumfoodie‘ blog, you’ll see his review on the “Bourbon Squealer”. All round amazing place, incredible burgers, definitely worth a visit.

Here’s some of my other burgers from the guys when they’ve been back at Digbeth Dining Club

This beaut was called “Cheesus Christ”

“Cheezy like Sunday Mornin”

Go check out my instagram for more cracking pics and write ups

Untill next till peeps

Peace ✌

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